Military liquid spill control storage racks promote small-space footprint efficiency

wire shelving drip containment trays military liquid spill control storage racksSanitary wire shelving with drip containment trays provides military liquid spill control storage racks that prevent fluids from spreading. With access to ample vertical space, users have the capacity to organize it all in the same footprint. Drums no longer take up valuable floor space, keeping it clean and accessible to personnel. Staff can then handle material storage and retrieval without risking their health and safety. Facilities experience fewer slip and fall incidents and have more space to meet workflow demands.

Affordable & clean wire shelving with drip containment trays

Order the specialized wire shelving and drip containment trays as a complete solution or add the spill control components to existing systems. Facilities then have an affordable way to improve and extend equipment performance, ensuring its reuse. Personnel has fewer shelves to maintain, simplifying cleaning and can do more in a day. The systems have an open design that allows clean airflow to eliminate dust particles.

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