Spacesaver® Push Button Motorized High Density Shelving

In high density mobile storage, powered systems have always been the ideal high density shelving solution. They are the ultimate in safety, in ease of use, in productivity and efficiency. Now, Spacesaver, the industry leader in high density mobile storage has completely rethought powered systems, with electrifying results. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Spacesaver Powered Push Button High Density Shelving Made Easy

Introducing Eclipse powered high density storage systems by Spacesaver. Power made easy, easy to choose, easy to use, easy on your budget. We’ve re-engineered power from the ground up with a flexibility to do exactly what you wanted to at a cost you can afford. In fact, Eclipse now makes powered high density storage more affordable then ever, with a flexible a la carte menu based flexibility. That lets you build just the powered high density storage system you want and pay only for what you need. Create your own solution from a broad range of features and options for motors, drives and guidance, control, safety, power and wiring, system movement, environmental monitoring, security, lighting, and more. Easy men based programming allows the Eclipse motorized high density storage system to be reconfigured, after it’s installed. And a modular design allows for future upgrades. Which means the system you by today, can easily evolve with your unique and changing needs. So you can stretch your imagination without breaking the bank.

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Spacesaver Powered High Density Storage Systems Are The Safest In The Industry

Powered systems are the safest high density mobile storage solutions you can by, their loaded with built in safe guards, both standard and optional. That protects the user when accessing the stored materials. Floor leveled sweeps and sensors halt carriage movement instantly when someone’s in the aisle. Aisle entry sensors detect when someone’s entered the aisle and prevent it from closing and waist high sweep sensors provide added safety. The passive automatic safety prevents carriage movement when the aisle is occupied by someone or something. The result, full aisle coverage and peace of mind that your personnel can use your push button high density shelving system confidently, without giving safety a second thought. Eclipse helps you keep stored materials safer too. Optional environmental sensors alert you to changes in temperature and humidity.

Motorized High Density Storage Systems Are Productive And Efficient

In ease of use, push button high density mobile storage systems far out perform manual or mechanical systems. Which means a more productive and efficient staff and more streamlined work flow for your company or organization. From its standard face panel control to its optional infrared remote, or aisle access touchpad controls, Eclipse lets you tailor control of your powered high density storage system, precisely to your preferences. A variety of system movement options, also allows you to position carriages just where you want them, automatically open a heavily used aisle, close all aisles, open aisles evenly for ventilation, open each aisle in sequence or move carriages to predetermined positions in the event of fire. Just compare the productivity and efficiency of using a powered high density storage system verses a mechanical assist system, and you will quickly see the time and cost benefits of powering up.

Spacesaver Push Button High Density Storage Systems Are Reliable

Thanks to superior technology Eclipse is engineered to be the most reliable motorized high density shelving system ever. Eclipse easily handles heavy loads and continuous use, day in and day out. With our optional power link 24/7 remote system monitoring, we proactively spot and remedy problems so we keep your Eclipse working properly to maximize your up time. And should you lose power, you don’t lose access to your storage. A battery back up option automatically switches to battery power when AC power is lost. With our rechargeable battery pack you can also move individual carriages at reduced speeds.

Spacesaver The Industry Leader In Powered High Density Storage Systems

With over 100,000 installed high density storage systems, Spacesaver leads the industry in customized, high density mobile storage solutions. We alone have the know how and resources to develop and perfect the advanced technology that makes Eclipse possible, and that makes power easy. To configure, to afford, to use, to rely on, and to be comfortable with. Eclipse powered high density storage systems by Spacesaver. Take power, anywhere you want to go.

Designing and Planning a Motorized Push Button High Density Shelving System

We are experts at designing high density shelving systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands building code requirements, floor loading calculations, and other important design details to ensure you get a productive and efficient system. Contact us today and ask about our free space analysis for your filing or storage area.


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