Space-saving storage cabinets with hanging garment hooks keep items organized

lockable school corridor wall lockersThese lockable school corridor wall lockers and storage cabinets with hanging garment hooks can meet students’ organizational and security needs while saving space. Configurations stand two-tiers high to maximize underused vertical space while spanning the footprint’s perimeter to ensure efficient capacity usage. Peers have safe and organized access to the area due to the layout and number plates. System doors open wide when unlocked too, helping prevent injury during use.

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Lockable school corridor wall lockers

 revit bim modelsDuring non-use, the space-saving lockable school corridor wall lockers have a seamless look. It provides clean, pleasing aesthetics that learning environments want. Unsanitary dust cannot reach the inside, keeping everything organized inside fresh and wearable. Students avoid sacrificing personal privacy in public spaces too since every compartment can accommodate combination locks. Learning spaces also have limited to no liability if stuff gets stolen due to the security the locks cabinets hanging garment hooks

Unlock and open the solid access doors and you’ll find an interior large enough to simplify organized material consolidation. Students have ample capacity to leave things they don’t need during class inside. This includes cell phones, jackets, athletic uniforms and more. Everyone avoids bringing everything through busy hallways and being injured while switching disciplines. No one puts their personal safety at risk either due to dropping property on the floor and losing it in the crowd.

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