Warehouse employee cabinets with keyless locks allow secure & convenient day use

office corridor wall storage lockersOffice corridor wall storage lockers or warehouse employee cabinets with keyless locks allow secure and convenient daytime use. The attractive systems span an underused area to maximize space efficiency. Units occupy hallway space close to work areas, simplifying user access during shift changes.

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Office corridor wall storage lockers

The lockable office corridor wall storage lockers allow users an efficient, safe place to store belongings during work. Secure purses and wallets that hold personal identification you can’t afford to lose inside. It provides more peace of mind while ensuring items avoid getting lost, tampered with or stolen.

Have expert integrate units with 4″ high bases, as the facility did here. The components lift the lockers higher, allowing users to have easier access. It keeps doors from swinging too close to the floor, preventing scratches to the surface. Other features such as closure end panels provide an attractive and clean finish while number plates help ensure more organized use.

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