Mobile Shelves Responsible for Delivering Parts to the Flight Line Quicker

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The Air Force delivers parts to the flight line quicker with Mobile Shelves. One of the problems facing the armed services today is parts storage. The need for efficient parts storage systems affects construction costs, energy costs, and productivity. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

The armed services needs efficient storage systems to ensure parts are readily available to protect and defend our country. This has been complicated further because the armed services cannot dispose of any used equipment or materials. We recently worked with an Air Force Base that was the epitome of these problems. In addition to storage problems, the Air Force Base was also confronted with security and dust and dirt accumulation problems. The Air Force Base was looking for a new storage system that would solve their problems and replace an inefficient mezzanine that they were using for inventory storage. They selected Spacesaver® Mobile Shelves Storage System, which met all their criteria.

Mobile Shelves Storage System Saves Space and Reduces Retrieval Times

rolling mobile shelves parts storage for flight line

The Mobile Shelves Storage System consists of 18 foot long rolling carriages with three spoke operating handles that are used to move the shelving rows. The Mobile Shelves are designed to hold 4,000 line items plus allow for 20% growth. This will give the Air Force plenty of room to still grow. Another feature designed into the Mobile Shelves Storage System is its ability to have mobile shelving carriages added to accommodate further growth well into the future.

Because of the need for fast and easy access, the Mobile Shelves Storage System was designed to decrease inventory and parts retrieval time. The time to retrieve a part and deliver it to the flight line was reduced from 30-60 minutes down to 7 minutes. Overall, the Air Force Base was able to reduce retrieval time, meet security and protection requirements, and increase storage capacity in an existing space.

Mobile Shelves Storage System Design, Installation, and Maintenance Services

If you’re looking to increase your flight line inventory storage space and productivity, then call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will connect you with the Mobile Shelves Storage System representative in your area. Be sure to ask for a free storage assessment of your storage area.


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