Clinical Supply Operation Document and File Storage

Electric High Density Shelving System for Efficient Clinical Supply Operation Storage

A large drug manufacturing company invested in an Electric High Density Shelving System for its clinical supply operation storage. A large programmable Electric High Density Shelving System stores finished patient kits used in clinical studies and benefits accountability while improving efficiency in the distribution of critical drug treatments. The high density shelving is also used to efficiently store investigator and protocol files. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

The Electric High Density Shelving System Centralizes Storage

High Density Shelving System Clinical Supply Operation Storage

The company was able to consolidate their clinical supply operation storage into one central location with the Electric High Density Shelving System. By having everything in one location, it made items easier for employees to find and retrieve, and it reduced shipment lead times from 48 hours to same day shipping.

Enhanced Safety with Electric High Density Shelving Systems

Safety of drug supplies and personnel was of paramount importance to the drug manufacturing company. The patient kits are often one of a kind by the time they reach the warehouse and have gone through six to nine months of development. If something were to be lost or damaged, the cost of starting over is not only measured by the patient’s loss of therapy, but also by the delay in getting a potentially important drug to the marketplace.

The Electric High Density Shelving System’s safety features ensure that the drug treatments are stored safely on the shelves and provide the company peace of mind that nothing will fall off or get crushed (watch high density shelving safety features video).

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Electric High Density Shelving System

Electric High Density Shelving System Increases Storage Capacity

The Electric High Density Shelving System was able to increase storage capacity for investigator and protocol files. As part of the company’s good manufacturing practices, they are required to maintain accurate records of everything from receipts to study shipment activities. As the company grew and volume increased, so did the need for efficient record storage. The high density shelving is able to hold all of the company’s records now and still has room for additional files.

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