How track rolling library shelving storage improves space usage

track rolling library shelving storageLibraries are always looking to make the resources they offer – including books, computer access, cultural entertainment and activities – available to the public in the most convenient way possible. This is so patrons draw as much benefit from their use. Well, with track rolling library shelving storage, libraries can improve upon how they utilize the space for these resources and more. This is because high density mobile compact bookstacks are designed to maximize floor space by pressing together and occupying a footprint that is up to half the size used by traditional storage. The system allows for optimal space utilization to be realized because it is equipped with carriages that move back and forth when its controls are engaged by the system user, recovering wasted floor space in the process. One of three modes of operation are available, including manual, mechanical-assist and powered push button. Realize the full potential of track rolling library shelving storage by watching this video.

High density mobile compact bookstacks provide secure accessibility

Track rolling library shelving storage also allows for resource accessibility to be much improved. This is because as many as half a dozen aisles can be manipulated at once, shifted into motion from where they last came to rest to present stored materials for retrieval with greater speed and accuracy. The security of inventory isn’t compromised either, as a result. This is because the excess aisle space used by traditional storage systems is not present. Access to what is inside these high density mobile compact bookstacks is reduced to only one or two aisles at a time. This ensures the integrity of stored materials remains securely intact when aisles are not in use.

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Track rolling library shelving storage for added productivity

high density mobile compact bookstacksBecause track rolling library shelving storage functions in less space than that of typical storage systems, there is ample room for libraries to serve the public in an increased capacity for added productivity. The surplus of space created can be transformed into a functional work area, meant to facilitate the exchange of ideas shared between groups. It can also be used for socializing or reading, among other things. Watch video showing the mechanical-assist and powered push-button modes of operation.

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