Wire server cage panel enclosures protect equipment against tampering

wire server cage panel enclosuresWire server cage panel enclosures provide school computer data network cabinet storage secure enough to keep technology equipment safe and performing up to par. Experts donated the durable partition solution to a Catholic academy with information system infrastructure security concerns. Read on to learn how the system separates items it holds from staff and students to prevent tampering.

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Creating a secure school computer data network cabinet storage area that ensures controlled access to keep information system equipment safe would require using easy-to-reconfigure partitions. Modular in design, the components allow stacking one on top of the other to create a wall tall enough to keep everyone out. A lockable door between blade server racks ensures secure access while an open design allows airflow to prevent humidity and dust buildup. It keeps the area and stored contents clean while providing visibility to help users monitor performance.

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School computer data network cabinet storage

school computer data network cabinet storageStoring valued servers within the lockable school computer data network cabinet storage eliminates unlawful intrusion and data breaches. Systems do not require cutting or grinding during installation, keeping the area it surrounds free from debris. Components bolt right to sturdy posts to create a secure unit that provides economical separation to allow multipurpose space use. Partitions can install floor-to-ceiling and stand side-to-side to prevent wasting space and unauthorized access. 

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