Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving & File Shelving

Library Cantilever Library Shelving and File Shelving is ideal for storing library books, notebook binders, file folders, record boxes, and numerous other materials. Spacesaver has been a pioneer in the storage industry since 1972, earning forty patents and thousands of satisfied customers along the way. Today, thousands of libraries and records departments around the world rely on Spacesaver for consistent quality and superior construction.

Cantilever Library Shelving and Bookstack Shelving

Whether you are designing a school, academic, special, or public library, Spacesaver has the experience and products to respond creatively and comprehensively to your library’s needs. Spacesaver shelving is designed for flexibility with its easy to reconfigure design, adjusting shelves, and relocating Spacesaver cantilever shelving units is easy. Every shelf, frame, and accessory is made to the strictest standards to ensure simple reassembly. And since Spacesaver shelving is designed for static and mobile configurations, you can achieve maximum capacity no matter how you arrange your library.

Cantilever Shelving Accessories

Today, you not only need to shelve media but also display and merchandise it. With over 1,200 shelving accessories, Spacesaver is continually creating new lines of specialty shelves and accessories to keep ahead of the demands of today and tomorrow. Here is a partial list of accessories for Spacesaver cantilever library and file shelving:

  • Sloping display shelves and periodical display shelves
  • Pull-out reference shelf
  • 2-tier multimedia browsing bin shelves and media bag racks
  • 6-tier newspaper racks
  • Overhead canopy lighting
  • Hanging wire supports
  • 2-tier, sloped VHS & CD shelf
  • Designer end panels available in wood, metal, or laminate
  • Label holders
  • Range finders and cardholders

Cantilever Shelving Construction Features

  • Welded upright frames (heavy gauge) ensure the most consistent frame squareness and weld consistency in the industry.
  • Upright base supports interlock with upright shear tabs for maximum structural integrity.
  • Shelf end brackets hook into the upright. They are smooth and clean with rounded edges to eliminate book “knifing.”
  • Roll form automation provides the most exact and consistent tolerances in the industry.
  • Environmentally safe powder coat paint finishes – no off-gassing.
  • ISO 9001 registered manufacturer.


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