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audio visual media drawer cabinetsAudio visual media drawer cabinets or CD (compact disc) and DVD (digital video disc) case storage with adjustable wire dividers keep public library collections organized. As an alternative, nonprofit donation centers can use the systems to organize the tapes. Then, stock sales floor display cases with newer selections during downtimes to increase profits.

Volunteers have access to safe space and can store overflow inventory, ensuring everything maintains its integrity and has a longer lifespan. Shoppers avoid buying films and music new and have the capacity to enjoy quality in-home entertainment. Those providing donations live a more organized lifestyle and experience less stress.

 CD & DVD case storage with adjustable wire dividers allow flexible space use

dc dvd case storage adjustable wire dividersThe CD and DVD case storage includes adjustable wire dividers that can create up to six discrete compartments. With flexible access to that many rows, users can organize donations to maximize space per drawer and consolidate same genre selections there. Then, use another area within the cabinet to store others from a different genre. While full-width pull handles have a label holder to ensure organized use, it helps prevent picking errors during retrieval.

Drawer safety interlocks prevent more than one compartment from opening at one time, ensuring injury-free use. Optional turn-key locks available to provide security and access control if desired. To move the partitions and ensure proper repositioning, users must lift to release tension and slide side to slide.

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