Flexible media filing system

flexible media filing systemAs technology becomes more digitally enhanced and increasingly integrated with the way companies do business, the tools used for accessing it change too. This includes storage housing. And, while there are many options out on the market, today, the use of a flexible media filing system is of tremendous value for several reasons. For one, these CD disc pull-out shelving and drawer cabinets can be configured to meet your needs or customized to your liking. Cabinet heights can also vary and, in some cases, drawers can even be altered to accommodate changes in the size of your collection. This flexible media filing system is also available as an open shelf design without drawers or doors to open. Whether floor-mounted or wall-mounted, this design style allows for extra units to be added with ease to accommodate growth. Floor space is also maintained more efficiently. Try this contemporary storage system as an alternative to the CD disc pull-out shelving and drawer cabinets. (Watch video)

CD disc pull-out shelving & drawer cabinets designed for optimal access

Whether your storing a collection of cassette tapes, digital formatted resources or a mix of both, these CD disc pull-out shelving and drawer cabinets are ergonomically designed to provide you with optimal access. Simply engaging the staggered handles will facilitate the development of a passable aisle, which can be used to access what you need, when you need it. “Finger gap,” a built-in shelf design feature makes access even easier. In cases where drawers are included as part of the design, simply extend the shelving above it outward for unfettered access to what you need.

Flexible media filing system provides for added storage capacity

cd disc pull out shelving and drawer cabinets 1If you’re worried about not having enough capacity to store everything in one place, don’t be. This flexible media filing system allows for more storage capacity, without any hassle. The way in which storage capacity is accommodated for varies, however, depending on the design style you choose. One design allows for added capacity by offering different heights and width configurations. Cabinet depths are deeper for the other, allowing for deeper drawers which provide increased capacity for storage. The cabinets are 33 percent deeper than typical 18-inch cabinets and 14 percent wider than those measuring 42 inches.

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