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Massive powered UWR storage system is efficient

massive powered uwr storage systemAn air force base that was home to a group of air national guardsmen experienced a rapid change where function was concerned after it was declared as an active duty station. The transition meant more responsibility for everyone who operated out of the base. Now, in addition to the regular tasks performed, the base would be in charge of caring for all the mobility bags and weapons for an entire wing.This prompted the issue of storage space to be re-evaluated and for all departmental ranks working from the base to reorganize how they did things in preparation for deployment. In order to successfully carry out their new-found responsibilities, the base realized they needed a more efficient way of storing inventory. After consulting space-saving experts, the military decided to have the base outfitted with a massive powered UWR® storage system. With the compact mobile weapon and armory cabinets in place, every rank – from the airman basic to the chief master sergeant of the air force – could carry out their duties without any delay. Click here for more information about the massive powered UWR storage system.

Invest in compact mobile weapon and armory cabinets 

This massive powered UWR storage system is a good investment for all branches of the military, not just the air national guard. In their case, however, the compact mobile weapon and armory cabinets was most appealing because it is highly adaptable. For this reason, the air national guard was able to secure a large combination of valuable 9mm and M16s in one area of the base, using less space than before. This created more room for them to easily accommodate the large stock of mobility bags they acquired. It also meant less time would be needed to account for inventory and would lead to increased consistency at the management level and a better execution of mobility operations.

Massive powered UWR storage system is flexible

compact mobile weapon and armory cabinetsThe flexibility of this massive powered UWR storage system is what makes it so unique. Made out of heavy-gauge steel, these compact mobile weapon and armory cabinets are fully welded and come in several different sizes to accommodate arms of all forms. There is enough storage space for weapons of all shapes and sizes to be conveniently stored without having to disassemble them first. Inventory is securely mounted inside the cabinet with help from support components that serve as a barrier for the weapons, protecting them from damage. The system also features a perforated design for optimal visibility when assessing inventory. It also can be fitted with security features such as locking bars to ensure inventory is not tampered with in any way. View more, including compact mobile weapon and armory cabinets.

Contact us for a massive powered UWR storage system

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services of the massive powered UWR storage system. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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