Sanitary wire hanging clothing racks

wire hanging clothing racksFor a sanitary storage solution that keeps garments clean and wrinkle free, wire hanging clothing racks are available in stationary and mobile configurations. With a center rod that stretches the length of the unit to accommodate standard hangers, these systems offer to organize uniformed jackets in efficient space. Each also comes with adjustable shelves to store hospital lab tech coats folded in boxes above and below in optimal space. The material used in their construction prevents dust from building so items maintain a fresh appearance while in storage.

Wire hanging clothing racks fit any application

These fixed and rolling wire hanging clothing racks can also accommodate wares used in conjunction with other applications. Included among them are:

  • Uniforms
  • Costumes
  • Choir Robes
  • Cleanroom Apparel

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Either storage option manages inventory with great care to ensure users are always dressed to impress. Each includes chrome plated posts that provide an attractive and polished look, along with adjustable wire shelves and a 1″ diameter hanger rod that fits standard hangers. Cart options include 5″ diameter non-marking polyurethane casters with rubber donut bumpers to ensure safe movement.

Weight capacities for adjustable shelves that store hospital lab tech coats

adjustable shelves store hospital lab tech coatsThe adjustable shelves that store hospital lab tech coats support hundreds of pounds in weight capacity. The exact number depends on the shelf width used. Shelves that measure up to 48″ wide accommodate 800 pounds per shelf with even weight distribution. Those measuring above 48″ wide support up to 600 pounds per shelf based on even weight distribution. Posts available in sets of four that support up to 2,400 pounds. Wire hanging clothing racks accommodating 5″ caster wheels can support up to 300 pounds per caster. Click here for more on healthcare storage solutions.

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