Portable transport storage carts promote security

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Portable transport storage carts offer a multifunctional unit that accommodates ISO (16 x 24 inch) baskets and trays used to store medical supplies in a safe and efficient capacity while in transit from one place to another. Units include a roll-down shutter door and electronic lock for a clinic solution that allows stocking and carrying items in a secure fashion. They’re used most in hospital pharmacies or to provide logistics flow back and forth between the operating room and transport among departments. Units can also provide a solution for medication distribution in large departments or serve as storage that accommodates sterile and non-sterile items in several other departments.

Features for portable transport storage carts

roll down shutter door electronic lock clinicFeatures that relate to the portable transport storage carts include:

  • An aluminum handle that spans the entire width of the synthetic tambour roll-down shutter door allows the door to open and close in safe and ergonomic fashion that ensures maximum user comfort.
  • Kydex cover plate is seamless and includes smooth edges that make it look sleek and attractive in appearance. It’s also scratch-proof, UV protected, impact resistant and can withstand harsh cleaners without cracking, crazing, fading or staining.
  • Panels that appear on the sides and back feature a durable high-pressure laminate (HPL) finish that lasts. It’s scratch-proof and maintenance-friendly, making it an ideal material to use within the medical field.
  • Four non-marking five-inch grey swivel casters meet and exceed the highest quality industry standards while helping users to maneuver the unit with ease.
  • A push button provides easy and ergonomic opening of the roll-down shutter door, which retracts in a single continuous movement to create a closed unit underneath the cart that prevents dirt from interfering with the system. Removing the roll-down shutter from the cart will allow thorough cleaning.
  • The electronic lock sits right underneath the unit’s top. With the push button locked in the close position, a 4-digit code unlocks the button. The electronic lock can support up to 80,000 uses with power from one pair of (AA) batteries. If the batteries go dead, the lock can still open with an emergency key.

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