Access Control Turnstiles with Facial Recognition

It’s crucial to consider how you want to grant access to authorized users in the access control industry. The efficiency of biometric solutions, which eliminates the need for end-users to use access cards, prompted many industries to move to fingerprint readers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the access control industry. Industries have had to think beyond biometric fingerprint systems, and many have replaced them with facial recognition technology instead. Southwest Solutions Group® is committed to providing the most relevant products to our customers. To that end, we offer the Facial Recognition Access Control Turnstile.facial recognition access control turnstile

Security measures have recently evolved. Preventive measures such as facial recognition with a mask and temperature detection have become standard options for clients inquiring about access control. Biometrics has served as a great partner in monitoring entrance control safely and efficiently. Entrance lanes in office buildings, airports, retail, courthouses, and universities are among the many sectors that benefit from our recognition systems. And by adding temperature detection to our access control turnstiles face recognition feature, touch-free access is safer and easier to use. Managing users is made simple when clients utilize Southwest Solutions Group’s robust user interface.

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Facial Recognition Turnstile Features

  • 2-megapixel monocular wide dynamic camera.
  • Adopt Linux solution, 5-inch HD screen.
  • Supports 1: N mode face comparison and 1:1-person certificate comparison with dynamic monocular face recognition.
  • Supports 10,000 face recognition capacity.
  • The face can be recognized as far as 5 meters away, and the face comparison takes about 0.1 MS.
  • With sunshade brim, it can improve face recognition effect when the sun is slanting.
  • Hardware interface: serial port, Wiegand output, relay switch output, USB, RJ45 network port.
  • Provides attendance management software.

Additional Highlighted Features

  • Host / temperature measurement module / 8 “touch screen / single camera / 2G DDR + 16g flash / thick bracket of barrier gate.temperature screening mask detection turnstile access
  • Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, Face Recognition + Mask reminder.
  • Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.5 (℃).
  • Support 22400 face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records.
  • Mask Reminder.
  • Utilizes active infrared beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals.
  • Our solution can be integrated with Deep Learning & facial recognition systems.

Advantages of Using Intelligent Turnstiles

  • Improved Security: Our Intelligent Turnstiles provide better access control by both detecting and preventing unauthorized entries. With facial recognition, the individual’s face is the key.
  • Advanced Access Control: Intelligent Turnstiles function as an advanced access control system. Our system displays live data used by management to track visitors, pinpoint alarm locations, and log legacy data.
  • Operational Enhancements: Turnstiles improve facility operations by streamlining the entry process. Our facial recognition turnstiles increase safety for facility operations by using temperature reading and mask detection.
  • Installation: Accessible and ADA compliant. Our facial recognition turnstiles access control systems come set up and configured. The software and controllers are ready to operate upon delivery to our clients.

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