automated storage shuttle ergonomic work counter Kansas Amarillo Tulsa Fort Worth Houston Memphis San Antonio Dallas Oklahoma City Austin SeattleBuild smaller energy efficient buildings with Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Lifts and Storage Shuttles. Imagine reducing the size of your manufacturing or production facility’s storage floorspace by 50% to 70% and avoiding costly new construction (View Storage Lift Image Gallery). That is what one manufacturing and production facility did by installing Kardex Remstar automated vertical storage shuttles. The Kardex Remstar vertical storage shuttles made their facility more space efficient, energy efficient and increased the productivity of their employees.

Manufacturing Facility Avoids New Construction Costs With Automated Vertical Storage Shuttlesautomated vertical storage lift

A growing manufacturing facility needed to add a new production line for their growing business but didn’t have floorspace available for the line. They were planning a major building expansion project to provide additional floorspace for the new production line when they discovered the benefits of automated vertical storage lifts and storage shuttles. By using space saving automated vertical lift storage shuttles they were able to avoid expensive new construction costs and reap some other operating efficiencies they hadn’t planned on. The automated vertical lift storage shuttles took their traditional tool rooms and several decentralized production line support storage areas (made up of traditional shelving and drawers) and converted them into space efficient automated vertical storage shuttles. The automated vertical storage lifts were able to provide additional floorspace by converting their unused overhead air space into productive storage space. The result was dramatic cost savings compared to new construction costs. In addition to construction cost savings, they found some other productivity and operational benefits with the Kardex Remstar automated vertical storage lifts and storage shuttles. Some of the benefits include:

  • increase in productivity of employees by increasing their inventory pick rates and pick rate response time
  • better work conditions for tool room personnel by having parts delivered to an ergonomic counter instead of personnel walking, climbing, bending and stooping to retrieve parts
  • increased inventory control through the vertical storage shuttle’s software management system that reduced time spent inventorying parts
  • dust protection for sensitive small parts
  • increase security reducing pilferage of parts

remstar automated storage lift Kansas Amarillo Tulsa Fort Worth Houston Memphis San Antonio Dallas Oklahoma City Austin Seattle

Reduce the size of your building with efficient storage systems designed to reduce operating and energy consumption costs and increase productivity.

Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Shuttles and Automated Vertical Storage Lift Modules

Whether you are constructing a new building, out growing your existing facility, or leasing new space, we will help reduce the size of your facility and provide ongoing operation and energy cost savings. Southwest Solutions Group serves Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Washington, Montana, Alaska, Missouri, Idaho, and Mississippi with all their automated vertical storage shuttle and vertical storage lift requirements. We provide design and consulting services, installation, and service for Kardex Remstar vertical storage shuttles and automated vertical storage lift modules. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us and request a free space analysis of your facility. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Planning, Design, and Construction Specifications For Automatic Material Storage Systems

For planning and design assistance or construction specifications for automatic material storage 11050, automatic storage/automatic retrieval systems 41 51 13, or automated book storage systems 11 51 13, call us toll free 1-800-803-1083. We will be happy to survey your storage area to see if an automated storage system makes sense for your business.


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