Overview & Operation

These videos give an overview of how the Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Storage Shuttles operate. Read more about VLM and Shuttles.

How to Use the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (read more)

Maximize Your Storage Space (read more)

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Overview (read more)

VLM 30 Second Overview (read more)

VLM Webcam | Looking Inside the VLM (read more)

VLM Tray Delivery Operation (read more)

VLM Worker Safety Ergonomics (read more)


The benefits of the Vertical Lift Modules are many. Some of the benefits are inventory management, productivity, accuracy, kitting, batch picking, space savings, ergonomics, and security.   go back to the top

VLM Benefit Case Study (read more)

Vertical Lift Module Benefits (read more)

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software integrates with your ERP and WMS software to optimize picking processes for Batch Picking, Kitting, Multi-User-Picking, Zone Handling, Dynamic Zones, and Area Handling. The software maintains real-time inventory, tracks transactions, and much more.   go back to the top

Order Picking Software Increases Productivity (read more)

Inventory Management Software (read more)

Productivity, Accuracy, & Kitting

These videos demonstrate the productivity and accuracy features of the Vertical Lift Modules. Some of the features include pick-to-light showing the picker the exact bin to pick from. Also, the light bar displays the part number and quantity of items to pick.   go back to the top

Pick-to-light Accuracy (read more)

Multi-Floor Parts Distribution (read more)

Kitting Productivity Picking (read more)

Accurate Picking (read more)

Picking Productivity (read more)

Batch Picking (read more)

Efficient Batch Picking (read more)

Order Picking Efficiency

Space Savings

These videos feature space savings benefits. Depending on the ceiling height, the Vertical Lift Modules will reduce the space required for storing parts up to 90% compared to traditional shelving with plastic bins.   go back to the top

Maximizing Storage Space

Maximizing Your Floorspace (read more)


VLM Space Saving (read more)


These videos feature on the ergonomic benefits. The Vertical Lift Modules bring parts to a waist-high counter, eliminating climbing and bending to stock and retrieve parts.    go back to the top

Safe Ergonomic Picking (read more)


These videos display the heavy-duty storage capabilities. The Vertical Lift Modules will interface with an overhead crane and can store pallets.   go back to the top

Using an Overhead Crane with Your VLM (read more)

VLM for Heavy Parts (read more)

Storing Pallets in a VLM (read more)

Services & Accessories

Our conversion services team will take your parts, size them, and load them into the Vertical Lift Modules to get you up and operating quickly.   go back to the top

Inventory Transfer to VLM Services (read more)

Parts Sizing & Transfer Services (read more)

Tray Transport Cart (read more)

Modular Access Port Saves Space with VLM Storage System and Lean ASRS


Discover some of the unique features of the VLMs and Storage Shuttles.   go back to the top

The Control Panel and How It Works

LED Light Bar for Shuttle XP Automated Storage Machines

Dimensions and Sizes

How the VLM and Shuttle Measure Parts Heights

Take a Look Inside and See How the VLM Works


Below is a time-lapse video of a Vertical Lift Module installation. Meet our team of certified installers.   go back to the top

Dimensions and Sizes