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It’s been proven time and time again: improving your storage area creates more efficiencies in every aspect of your business, from productivity, customer and employee satisfaction, improved space management, and reduced overhead costs. For a LEAN manufacturing plan, better inventory storage is a crucial part of any business in any application, not just manufacturing facilities. Automated vertical shuttles provide better storage and inventory control for all types of industries, including healthcare, automotive, material handling, and more; many of these industries have the very same needs as manufacturing for LEAN initiatives. Click here for more information about vertical shuttles and automated storage systems.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical lifts

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One of the easiest changes with the fastest results you can make is to invest in the right storage solution for your business. In many cases, automated storage improves businesses at multiple levels, and eventually ends up paying for itself. Traditional, static racks and shelving simply don’t cut it anymore in our fast-paced and technologically-driven world. Customers need items shipped overnight, health professionals need their medical supplies organized and on-hand at all times, and cars need to be repaired quickly. How can you meet everyone’s demands while simultaneously providing a healthier, safer, more productive, and more satisfying environment for your employees?

The solution is surprisingly simple: storage automation with automated vertical shuttles. Click on the link below to discover just how vertical shuttles can improve your business processes for everyone. (See videos See videos)

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gain efficiencies in every area

To summarize, the numerous benefits of the automated vertical shuttles include:

  • Up to 85% floor space savings compared to traditional floor shelving
  • Up to 2/3 reduced picking labor
  • Improved picking accuracy by as much as 99.9%
  • Interfaced picking and inventory management software
  • Better managed inventory to eliminate stock-outs and reduced stock levels
  • Reduced bottlenecks
  • Improved material flow
  • Secured inventory to prevent unnecessary losses
  • Improved worker safety and ergonomics to reduce worker compensation claims

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Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing design, installation, and consultation services for automated vertical shuttles for decades. We will even provide you with a free consultation to help you determine the best way to provide you with better storage and inventory control before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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