Improve Inventory Picking Productivity with Vertical Lift Pick to Light Parts Kitting Modules

One company that manufactures printing equipment for the label and packaging markets recently installed three Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) to save floor space and improve parts kitting and inventory picking productivity in their manufacturing facility (click here to see inventory picking productivity machine images). Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Before the vertical lift modules were installed, the company stored sub-assembly inventory on static shelving. Workers with carts wandered through aisles to find and pick parts for the sub-assembly line. VLMs were installed adjacent to the sub-assembly line to improve kitting inventory picking productivity and sub-assembly throughput. The vertical lift modules use overhead air space to store parts vertically to save floor space and condense storage vertically at the point of use. The vertical lift modules allowed the freed up floor space (previously used by shelving) to be used for a new sub-assembly line. (See videos see videos)

Vertical Lift Modules Improve Inventory Picking Productivity with Pick to Light Small Parts Kitting

The three vertical lift modules are linked together using pick to light software to increase small parts kitting productivity. The pick to light small parts kitting technology uses a flashing light to signal the operator to which bin parts need to be picked from. This technology improves inventory picking productivity and accuracy.

The VLMs are interfaced with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. When the production planners create an order, the ERP system automatically sends that order to the VLM pick to light parts kitting software. When the operator is ready to pick that order, they simply select the order, activating the VLMs to bring the desired parts to the operator for retrieval. As the operator picks one part, the next part is being delivered to the access window in the second VLM for parts retrieval. The operator moves from unit to unit efficiently until all the parts kit order is filled. The pick to light software then sends order transaction information back to the ERP system for real-time order processing.

Vertical Lift Modules Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits the Vertical Lift Modules provided for them,

  • Reclaimed 70% of their storage floor space
  • Added an additional assembly area
  • Increased inventory storage capacity by 40%
  • Improved parts picking accuracy levels by 98%

Vertical Lift Modules for Small Parts Kitting Design and Planning Assistance

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