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A supplier of manufacturing technology was tasked with reducing their footprint by 60%. However, with a large number of SKUs and order volume processed per day, reducing their inventory quantity was not an option. The facility decided to install automatic sending and receiving (ASRS) storage systems for remanufacturing inventory, integrated with order fulfillment and management software. Read on to see how they were able to reduce their footprint by 65% while increasing their picking accuracy by 75% and 47% less labor. Click here to watch a video showing how the ASRS storage system works.

ASRS Boosts Accuracy in Less Space

ASRS vertical lift module The remanufacturing facility installed five ASRS vertical lift modules (VLMs) with order fulfillment management software, SAP integration, and an 18-position batch station to provide a complete solution for their entire process. Since they couldn’t reduce part quantity, they would have to store their entire inventory in less space. Previously, the stockroom occupied 9,069 square feet when the facility was required to reduce their floor space by 60%. The ASRS storage system and bulk area occupy only 3,180 square feet with 5,889 square feet of extra floor space freed up for other uses. The stockroom’s footprint was reduced by 65%, which exceeded their requirements.

The ASRS storage system has allowed order volume and SKU count to remain the same with a 75% faster picking rate and 47% less labor. Comparatively, the previous manual storage system required 17 workers who often had to work overtime (an average of 3,200 hours a year). The ASRS system only requires 9 workers and virtually no overtime.

Their inventory now requires much less effort to maintain and has increased in accuracy to 99%. The previous manual process required sorting from one box of picked parts for multiple orders, which was tedious and time-consuming. The system’s automatic cycle counting system also makes accuracy much easier to achieve. During order fulfillment and picking processes, the ASRS system uses pick-to-light technology to quickly direct the operator to the exact item and quantity to pick, which reduces human error.

order fulfillment management software vlm asrsWith the space and labor savings from the ASRS, the remanufacturing facility reached their return on investment in 12 months. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

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