Easy access to Laptops with mobile high density shelving

mobile high density shelving storing laptopsThe large and valuable personal computer (PC) inventory at a college that taught students about computer graphics and animation was in need of a place to call home after the higher education institution launched a new mobile computing program where students would have access to the most up-to-date computer technology. With its adoption, it quickly became apparent that an effective storage solution would have to be put in place in order to ensure the program was of benefit to those who participated. After much consideration, it was decided that mobile high density shelving would be used to store and manage college laptop inventory more efficiently.  Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Mobile high density shelving solves problems

The design of the mobile high density shelving, featuring long carriages to maximize the room’s space, took the shape of a small locked vault and was installed behind a service desk. And, deciding it would be used to store and manage college laptop inventory was simple. The unique shape of the mobile high density shelving accomplished several things. First, because it could be adapted to an existing footprint, the cost attached to its installation was far less when compared to other possibilities. This made it easy for management to agree to. In addition, it featured a set of vertical rods that were strong enough to bear the weight of stored laptops.The rods acted as a separation barrier, making certain that inventory were kept securely in place. The mobile high density shelving also was capable of storing laptop inventory using less space than traditional storage methods. This helped identify it as a viable long-term solution capable of handling the rapid program growth expected by school officials in coming years.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

Mobile high density shelving is one-stop shop for computer storage

high density mobile shelvingThe mobile high density shelving, with help of evenly spaced vertical rods running from top to bottom, was of adequate size to conveniently store the college’s growing collection of computers, creating enough space to provide 4,000 laptops to prospective students in the fall.The vertical positioning of computers also created better access and speeder retrieval of the stored laptops when students needed to use them. There was even room to store the cables and adapters needed for the laptops to function properly, turning the mobile high density shelving into a one-stop shop for computer technology. Here is video where mobile high density shelving wins over its competitor.

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