high speed automated goods to person delivery storage systemhigh speed automated Goods to person delivery System with crane and pallet handling lifts

Warehouse and industrial workers often have to handle large and heavy loads, sometimes across large distances. Without proper handling, there is a high risk of the product or equipment being damaged or, even worse, the workers themselves. This leads to decreased worker productivity on top of paying for worker compensation. In addition, most companies don’t have efficient storage or moving supplies available; workers have to spend time waiting for a crane and walking across the warehouse to get the parts they need, and then store parts on inefficient racks that take up floor space. Kardex Vertical Storage Carousels allow high speed automated goods to person delivery with crane and pallet handling lifts to eliminate these common problems and maximize productivity on top of using your warehouse’s floor space for more efficient storage. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

crane and pallet handling lifts on shuttle XP1000high speed automated goods to person delivery for efficient storage and productivity

Vertical lift shuttles combined with crane and pallet handling lifts lead to improved ergonomic working conditions and drastically reduces the amount of wasted storage space by making use of unused overhead air space. With the Kardex Shuttle XP 1000 Shuttle, no external crane is required and heavy goods can be stored and retrieved directly from the shuttle. (See videos See videos)

These shuttles are perfect for small parts in bins, large and/or heavy parts, and spare parts. The shuttle also has pallet handling capabilities, which can be loaded directly onto the pallet tray using a forklift or pallet truck. The shuttle is available from adjustable heights anywhere from 8.5 to 66 feet with widths from 5.2 to 14.4 and depths from 7.8 to 14 feet. So you can customize it to your company’s exact needs, the Shuttle XP 1000 also has multiple optional features.

benefits of crane and pallet handling lifts

The high speed automated goods to person delivery system offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Up to 2204 lbs of payload per tray
  • Integrated crane and full tray extraction device can easily lift loads
  • Efficient and accurate picking with multiple ranges of pick-to-light systems
  • Flexibility with wide ranges of expansion options and accessories

Kardex shuttle XP 1000 being loaded with pallet handling lift

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