Steering Wheel Shelving or Ships Wheel Racks Control Movement of Shelves on Tracks

shep wheel racks steering shelving movement controls

Shelves that move back and forth on tracks are controlled by a steering wheel type control mechanism or a ships wheel control that turns or spins to move shelving, racks, and cabinets. Theserolling shelves, racks and cabinets save floorspace by compressing shelves together, turning what was once aisle space into storage space (view image gallery of ships wheel and steering wheel controlled shelves, racks and cabinets). The shelving system creates a moving aisle that is accessible when you spin the wheel control.

How Ships Wheel Shelving and Steering Wheel Racks Work

ships wheel shelving and steering wheel cabinets hand control movement racks

Ships wheel shelving and steering wheel racks work by mounting rows of shelving, racks or cabinets onto rolling platforms that slide back and forth on tracks. The steering wheel control mechanism can move long rows of shelving by turning the ships wheel control. Steering wheel shelving and ships wheel racks can store practically anything from a small parts to files, to warehouse pallets. The steering wheel shelving is popular because it saves floorspace allowing you to lease less office or warehouse space, and build smaller buildings.

Let Us Help You Design A Ships Wheel Storage System

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