Storing Chemicals in Ventilated Cabinets

ventilated chemical storage cabinetsIn order to comply with OSHA and safety needs in your lab, it’s important to ensure any stored chemicals comply with chemical storage guidelines regarding ventilation, segregation, identification, temperature, and fire safety. Especially in rapidly-growing industries like biopharmacy, many drug manufacturing plants are adding more and more hazardous chemical storage, which require specific storage requirements. Vented chemical storage cabinets on a high density storage rack system can provide these specialized storage needs and saves valuable floor space at the same time, preventing the need to expand into more expensive real estate. Click here to learn more about how high density shelving works.

Compact Mobile Shelving with Air Extraction

The vented chemical storage cabinets on high density floor rails were the solution for one global pharmaceutical manufacturer. Space is expensive, and using it efficiently can be difficult with the stringent requirements of chemical and drug storage; for example, there must be proper segregation, visibility, and security on top of staying temperature-controlled for the entire storage period. Their storage would also have to be compatible with their existing HVAC system.high density rack system mobile compact shelving

A 4-post mechanical-assist high density mobile storage rack system was installed with modifications to allow ventilated chemical storage and HVAC integration. The system also included chemically-resistant wire shelves and Teflon powder coat to ensure durability without exposure to harmful paint solvents. The wire shelves facilitated efficient ventilation, and clear-hinged doors allowed visibility and easy identification. A vent in the 8″ base was also inserted at the base of the shelves to create additional airflow and air extraction.

Almost any type of shelving can be mounted on the high density racks; in this case, the 4-post shelving was customized to be airtight, easily monitored, and secure with locking capabilities as well as trays to fully maximize its storage capacity. Click here to see how you can most effectively maximize your storage capacity with high density compact storage.

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