Taser cabinet bracket system protects weapons’ integrity

taser cabinet bracket systemA taser cabinet bracket system for electroshock weapon storage protects the integrity of weapons used for the purpose of self defense. Made from heavy-duty steel and vinyl-dipped to protect the weapons’ finish, it ensures the functionality of devices that use electrical current to physically disarm attackers from causing harm to another is up to par and ready for when they are needed in the field. They easily attach to steel-made backpanels or support rails. For this reason, this taser cabinet bracket system can be made to accommodate any number of storage and shelving solutions used by various public safety sectors. Some of these include 4-post shelving, personal storage lockers and universal weapons racks. In addition, because the rail support and backpanel system features a modular design, universal weapons racks-compatible components can be combined for installation with this taser cabinet bracket system. It can also be reconfigured as needs change. 

How taser cabinet bracket system for electroshock weapon storage is installed

Installing this taser cabinet bracket system for electroshock weapon storage is simple. Lances are inserted into the backpanel or rail. It can also be bolted to the support system for when additional stability is needed.

Taser cabinet bracket system bolster electroshock weapon storage efficiency

for electroshock weapon storageUsing this taser cabinet bracket system will bolster the efficiency of your department’s electroshock weapons storage. This is because weapons will be more organized with its installation. A level of security is also provided when this taser cabinet bracket system is set up. This is because the support rail or backpanel allow for the system to be held securely in place, while at a slight angle for improved accessible. It effectively limits the range of motion weapons have when stored there, preventing them from malfunctioning or accidentally discharging when inactive. In addition to taser cabinet systems for electroshock weapon storage, we provide a variety of storage solutions to accommodate your weapons needs and more. Click here to learn more

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