Gym LockersSouthwest Solutions Group® offers a selection of gym lockers that meet the needs of schools and fitness centers alike, focusing on quality and safety all at an affordable price. Assessing the best gym locker to purchase for your facility can be a daunting task. We are here to make it easy.

Locker Security Locks

Essentially, gym lockers are a stand-alone security unit, protecting personal items in a recreation center or fitness center. Security is a must when deciding on the right gym lockers for your facility. When considering gym locker security, the type of gym lock you use dictates the kind of protection you offer your clients. The standard in the industry is combination locks. High-security padlocks are the easiest to use. The lock itself comes in harden steel and is extremely difficult to break. If the user loses the key, however, that could pose a problem.

Another option for locks is the keyless code lock. Keyless code pads remove the necessity of using keys altogether and provides the guest with a personalized experience while providing security to protect their belongings and other personal items. RFID locks offer a modern approach to securing metal lockers. These locks operate on batteries and do not require any electrical wiring for power sourcing. Setup is extremely easy. RFID locks require no key management, and there is no need to remember codes. RFID locks are accessed in a variety of ways. Wristbands, key fobs, and access cards powered by RFID can offer secure access for your guests in convenient and safe ways.

Gym Locker Construction

fitness center athletic gym lockerQuality and design is another consideration when considering purchasing gym lockers. We recommend avoiding lockers that have sharp edges on the doors, as users could injure themselves on them and can be a costly liability for your fitness center.

Gym lockers should be durable. A smart purchase would emphasize strength and durability. Our gym lockers resist impacts and dents due to our metal lockers being heavy duty. Southwest Solutions Group offers gym lockers that are strong, save space, and are big enough to hold student’s sports equipment. In terms of design, we can match your school colors for your lockers. When you’re shopping for gym lockers, ask the following questions: Does it save floor space? Does the interior storage design consider who your guests are and what they will be storing? Providing the correct response to these kinds of questions speaks to a metal gym locker solution’s overall quality and design integrity.

Athletic Gym Lockers

When considering athletic gym lockers, extra room and ventilation become paramount. For additional ventilation, lockers with no doors equipped with a locking compartment are a great option. Many professional sports teams utilize this specific locker design. You will see these types of gym lockers on many college campuses and athletic departments. Team lockers offer maximum ventilation and allow you to secure all your belongings inside the gym locker. These models are commonly seen in high schools. Our athletic gym lockers are designed to resist mildew and bacteria, making the gym locker durable in high moisture areas. Our gym lockers are also easy to clean, allowing for steam or power washing to ensure your locker rooms are sanitary.

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With a selection of standard and heavy-duty ventilated styles of gym or athletic lockers, Southwest Solutions Group has something for every facility, including police departments. We also carry a variety of accessories such as RFID locks, combination locks, benches, and much more to cover all your gym locker room needs. Before investing in a gym locker, make sure that the choice you make adds success to your business. For more information on gym lockers, call us today 1-866-708-9094 or send us a message to speak with one of our storage locker specialists about your specific needs.