College’s Mobile Computing Program Creates Storage Problem

compacting mobile shelving for space saving laptop storageA local college with a heavy emphasis on technology and new media adopted a new mobile computing program for students. The program required the college maintain an extensive inventory of laptop computers on-site for student use. Because the computers had to be maintained in a small, secured vault, the college selected compacting mobile shelving as an efficient storage solution. (Get more information on compacting mobile shelving.)

Compacting Mobile Shelving Saves Storage Space

Shortly after starting the program, the college experienced a space shortage. Another concern was planning for the future. The college knew that the program would grow to as many as 8,000 to 10,000 laptop computers. By incorporating compacting mobile shelving, they were able to maximize their current storage area without the need to occupy additional storage rooms.

Specially Designed Shelves for the Laptop Computers

The Spacesaver® representative worked with the user to determine the most optimal storage arrangement, including shelf design and room layout. Long carriages were used to maximize the room space and laptops were stored vertically on the shelves rather than flat.

college's computer laptops stored in compacting shelvingThe compacting mobile shelving uses vertical rods to separate and support the heavy laptops. The rods run from the top of the shelf to the bottom of the lower shelf and are evenly spaced five-across each shelving section.

Compacting Mobile Shelving Increases Organization

The college selected a powered system for its ability to carry heavy loads, its safety features and its steady, smooth movement that ensures that the computers remain safe on the shelves. (Watch a video to learn about powered mobile shelving.)

It was important for the college that the laptop computer storage area be highly organized and efficient. Throughout many times of the year, such as during summer break, the college stores thousands of computers. Also for ease of retrieval, each laptop’s cables and adapters are stored in a Ziploc bag and kept with the computer on the shelf.

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