Mobile high density shelving has many benefits

mobile high density shelvingA museum dedicated to the preservation of natural history wanted to maximize the potential of the limited space they worked from after opening an environmental sciences center on its university campus. They settled on mobile high density shelving because it creates space for improved storage environments. Its unique design offer more flexibility than traditional storage methods. And, because this shelving is built to condense when put in motion, the museum benefited tremendously from the reduction in space. They were able to more than double their storage capacity. This lead to a higher level of energy conservation in areas where temperature-controlled storage environments were needed. And, with less wasted space to maintain, precious resources formerly used to cover heating and cooling costs, could be allocated to better preserve and protect collection specimens. Mobile high density shelving creates space for improved storage environments.

Mobile high density shelving safeguards specimens

Because of the fragility of the collections housed at the center – including specimens from anthropology, paleontology and zoology – the shelving needed to designed for added features such as drawers, trays and specialty shelving to ensure the natural beauty of the objects stored there remained intact. The mobile high density shelving installed at the museum was easily configured, so accommodating this request wasn’t a problem. Built with room for adaptable components and accessories, the mobile high density shelving was fitted with over 250 high-density carriages, 40,000 drawers, 2,000 museum cabinets and 16,000 linear feet of shelving. This created space for improved storage environments and, with it, artifacts ranging from bird and mammal skins to fossil tree stumps were provided with extra protection from poor environmental conditions.

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Mobile high density shelving increases productivity

creates space for improved storage environmentsSince the mobile high density shelving required less space in the 100,000 square-foot building, the amount of necessary space used to care for over 7.5 million specimens was cut by more than half. This left plenty of unoccupied space to establish work areas for faculty from several departments, including Anthropology, Geology and Geophysics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, as well as the School of Forestry. This lead to the development of a more integrated work environment. It also meant that faculty could work in close proximity to the collection specimens without endangering their appearance, increasing productivity. See mobile high density shelving in action.

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