Maximizing Space Storing Hanging Clothing & Uniforms

Clothing Lift Hanging Storage SystemThe push button overhead garment lift maximizes the storage of hanging clothing, uniforms, large linens, backdrops, drapes, and more by converting vertical air space into storage space. The lift mounts to your ceiling and with the push of a button lifts stored items up to the ceiling or brings them down to the user. Depending on your capacity needs there are three types of overhead garment lifts: over-under, t-bar, or quad.

3 Types of Push Button Overhead Garment Lifts

The over-under overhead garment lift option is best for narrow aisles. This is the usual choice for a retrofit if aisle shelving needs to stay in place. And overnight, you can double your storage space.

The t-bar overhead garment lift option requires more open floor space. This option is favored for long hanging garments. These are also used at truck docks for staging and keeping fresh garments safe and out of the way.

The most ambitious option is the quad. You get the most bang for your buck when you have the open space to work with. You will want access to both sides of the lift when it’s down.

Benefits to Using the Push Button Overhead Garment Liftstoring clothing and uniforms overhead maximizes space and protects inventory

  • With a push of a button your clothes come right to your fingertips.
  • Removing hangers is easy because they are at eye level, the ideal height.
  • No more climbing which means no more ladder injuries.
  • Your garments are up and out of the way where they stay fresh and untouched until needed.
  • You can see your inventory and lower it in minutes.
  • Because the lifts mount into your ceiling, you need less floor space for storage.
  • Your existing shelving stays right where it is.
  • Double your storage without a remodel.

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