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What is a Tracked Storage System?

High Density Shelves on Tracks

High Density Mobile Shelves are a tracked storage system for high capacity storage. Traditional shelves are put on rolling carriages attached to floor tracks. The shelves slide on the tracks to condense together. When someone needs to get a stored item, they can either rotate a handle or push a button (depending on the operating system) and the shelves will move along the tracks to create an access aisle. (watch High Density Mobile Shelves in action)

These tracked storage systems have many benefits including saving floor space, centralizing stored materials, and increasing efficiencies. We recently worked with a flavoring company to install a High Density Mobile Shelves tracked storage system to increase their space utilization efficiency.

High Density Mobile Shelves Increase Space Efficiency

As business grew for the flavoring company, the open shelf stationary storage system materials became cramped. Overflow had to be stored in racks on pallets at other locations in the warehouse. The company wanted to increase the space efficiency of their warehouse and production space, so they looked into a tracked storage system and found that High Density Mobile Shelves were the most cost-efficient solution.

Unique Features of the High Density Mobile Shelves Tracked Storage System

High Density Mobile Shelves can be customized to meet specific requirements. Here are some of the unique features that were added:

High Density Mobile Shelves Storage System

  • Tracked storage systems provide maximum storage space for the amount of floor space occupied.
  • Tracked storage systems free up more room for production equipment floor space.
  • Tracked storage systems have features to prevent safety hazards for employees and materials.

Benefits of the High Density Mobile Shelves Tracked Storage System

High Density File Storage System on Tracks

Here are just some of the benefits of the High Density Mobile Shelves:

  • By consolidating small containers in one place, the tracked storage system increased efficiency, as well as creating more warehouse and production space.
  • Computerization of the raw materials inventory was made a much easier task.
  • The changeover to High Density Mobile Shelves boosted employee morale and created a real sense of pride in the new equipment

Designing and Installing High Density Mobile Shelves Tracked Storage Systems

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing tracked storage systems like High Density Shelves since 1969. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to analyze your problem and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that will meet all your storage requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with your local storage professional.


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