Large technician work tables add functionality & space

large technician work tables cabinets bins storage

Large technician work tables with cabinets underneath with bins for storage and mobile transport carts with a custom design that offers safe and secure transit to control equipment played a central role in helping to renovate a mechanical room that lacked functionality. The idea behind their design focused around creating an efficient, ergonomic and user-friendly work environment that offered increased space. Continue reading to learn more about the systems’ creation and installation.

The space that would accommodate the systems needed renovating since it did not suit present needs and the layout lacked efficiency. According to one technician explaining the situation, the workshop had become obsolete with wall shelving in total disarray and filing that was haphazard. So, a sales representative from a reputable storage manufacturer that provides competitive and tailor-made industrial solutions went out to the site to help plan the layout of the new workspace.

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The new technology would mean new equipment and more space, according to the sales representative who knew the company representatives who visited the storage manufacturer’s offices some time ago and came away from the experience impressed with the wide variety of possibilities offered. Their use would allow modifying or adding accessories to reach staff’s specific goal, which involved creating a solution that would allow increased functionality.

To create the increased functionality and space staff wanted, storage experts proposed using workstations with accessories along with eight-foot wooden large technician work tables with cabinets below that provide bins for storage. Located to its side, stands added storage units that help to maximize available space and efficiency. The installation also features mobile transport carts with a custom design that exists to replace an old and unstable system which could not carry control equipment in a safe and secure capacity to the power station.

Storage install creates ‘thrilling’ reaction

mobile transport carts customThe reaction that resulted from installing the large technician work tables with cabinets beneath that feature bins for storage and mobile transport carts with a custom design was nothing less than thrilled. The staff couldn’t believe how efficient the installation was, as it makes performing tasks much easier and enjoyable. The flexibility offered allows each workstation undergo customization that matches technician needs and everything is interchangeable which makes accommodating changes easier than ever before. Staff also appreciate the improved ergonomics and more attractive workspace that resulted from the installation.

Watch a video on technician workstation bench systems with cabinets that offer bins for storage which allow tailoring to ensure efficiency and productivity.

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