High density hotel resort casino shelves optimize space

uniform storage banquet hall shelving racksUniform storage designed with specialized banquet hall shelving racks that mount to moving compactable carriages to save space from the ground while optimizing vertical space from a soaring standing height that allows efficient use are among five space-saving solutions provided to a large hospitality property. Using a three-spoke turn handle that controls system user operation, the high density hotel resort casino shelves travel along floor tracks until existing in a smaller footprint that allows users to recover up to 50-percent more storage capacity within the same area. The system sits in a back-of-house storage area dubbed the wardrobe room and accommodates employee-worn attire in an efficient capacity that ensures better space use from every angle while keeping clothes neat and organized in an area underutilized in the past. Its installation, along with three others, followed success that grew from using another to store large tables, chafing dishes, and other banquet furnishings and equipment. Other systems installed on property grounds include:

  • Bulk supplies area storage which accommodates cleaning supplies and bulk storage for pick station items
  • Laundry room storage for laundry supplies
  • Storage within a corridor close to food service that stores serving bowls and trays

Read on to learn more about the installation surrounding the system featured in the back-of-house wardrobe room.

Although located in an area within the hospitality property that isn’t open to public viewing from guests, the uniform storage with banquet hall shelving racks that integrate with rolling carriages to save space, provides much needed “back-of-house” storage space that goes a long way in supporting staff tasked with providing guests with the best experience possible. An essential concept, “back-of-house” storage space often gets pushed to the way side in favor of accommodating up front features. This includes amenities that promote comfort and convenience such as recreational facilities, spacious lobbies, and guest rooms.

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With many needing supplies and equipment to function in an efficient fashion, it comes as no surprise that understanding how using “back-of-house” storage can impact the guest experience ranks number one on a tip sheet that discusses the best approach to optimizing the space. It’s an area that has as much influence on visitors’ as the flooring or furniture in the lobby, according to property’s general manager. Considering the success that came from using the original installment too, it’s only natural that using high density hotel resort casino shelves within the wardrobe room would soon follow. The compact design, along with its 12-foot tall stature, would allow optimal space use from every direction while ensuring storage to accommodate uniforms in a former underused area.

Clean & organized uniform storage

high density hotel resort casinoNew employees must go to the wardrobe room about a week prior to their first work shift. Once there, wardrobe staff goes about pulling new uniforms from the storage constructed with banquet hall shelving racks that keep stored garments clean,pressed and organized. Staff then fit and tailor the clothing for new employees to wear and place the attire in wardrobe bags that get hung on an overhead conveyance system similar to those used in dry cleaning stores. Upon arriving to complete their shift, employees must enter a pin code to have their clean uniforms automatically delivered to an access door for retrieval. Employees must return the uniforms for cleaning at the end of each shift.

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