Rolling hypothermia treatment carts help hospitals maintain patient safety

rolling hypothermia treatment carts

Rolling hypothermia treatment carts help hospitals maintain patient safety while allowing users to store and transport critical supplies with ease. Each includes a 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator with ample storage space to keep freezer packs and saline solutions cold. Full extension drawers featured above the refrigerated compartment provide complete access and visibility to supplies used to manage this exact emergency. This arrangement ensures medical teams have convenient portable access to supplies for emergencies.

Features for rolling hypothermia treatment carts

refrigerator storage cold drawers portableThe rolling hypothermia treatment carts have many other features that enhance function to ensure optimal performance in an emergency. Among them are:

  • A hospital grade plug with 10′ cord provides electrical power
  • Temperature indicator allows users to monitor interior climate and keep stored items cool
  • Steel construction ensures lasting durable use well into the future
  • Breakaway lock includes a hinged bracket with an eye hole that creates a plastic or metal security seal, allowing users to make a quick determination about tampering.
  • Units have 5″ casters that provide safe transportability in tight or narrow spaces along busy hospital floors with heavy foot traffic
  • The systems include an extra thick plastic top with 1/2″ ridge that keeps things from falling off while in transit 
  • Anti-tip outrigger stabilizer base frame protects carts from toppling over and sustaining damage

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