Spacesaver® Manual Mobile Shelving Systems

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Spacesaver Manual Mobile Shelving Systems are an excellent solution for small storage and filing applications. These systems also work well in active storage and filing areas and when storing lightweight items. Manual Mobile Shelving Systems roll back and forth on floor tracks with the pull of the hand on the handle. Manual Mobile Shelving Systems are the most economical type of high capacity mobile shelving systems available. Other types of mobile shelving systems include Hand Crank Mobile Shelving Systems and Push Button Mobile Shelving Systems.

Planning a Spacesaver Manual Mobile Shelving System

Designing and planning Mobile Shelving System is a main part of our business. Send us a message or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today and inquire about our free space analysis.  Our team of mobile shelving specialists will help you layout your system and provide design resources for your project.


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