High density manual assisted compact storage preserves 

hanging mobile art rack systemsA museum wanted a better way to preserve and protect the large collection of objects in its possession, all of which, were devoted to the art of play. This included thousands of board games, books, dolls, electronic games, toys, photographs, and documents, as well as other materials of historical significance and value. The chosen solution had to fit several criteria in order to be considered, including improved accessibility, preservation, and safety of artifacts. It also needed to function well enough to handle growth, which was expected down the line. After conducting extensive research, the museum opted for two separate storage solutions. These included high density manual assisted compact storage and hanging mobile art rack systems. Both equally served their purpose well because they preserved the look of stored objects while also protecting them from deterioration. This allows them to be enjoyed now as well as for years to come.

Flexible hanging mobile art rack systems

Deciding how best to use the chosen storage solutions proved to be quite a huge undertaking for the museum. In fact, so many objects – over 175,000 – needed to inventoried, rearranged, or moved that a building expansion with three storage areas was approved as part of the project. However, because the systems are flexible, allocating space for an aisle full of hanging mobile art rack systems wasn’t an issue.

Thanks to its sleek design, these systems take up less storage space and are built to accommodate the display of multiple works of art at one time. For this reason, hanging mobile art racks systems were a great way for the museum to keep track of what they had on site when moving and reorganizing inventory. Additionally, because paintings and framed prints easily hang from the movable panels made of wire mesh, artwork could be easily kept out of the way, off the floor, and free from damage. And the previously occupied floor space could now be used to display newly gifted additions to the museum’s collection. See our online store product offering of art racks.

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Protective high density manual assisted compact storage

high density manual assisted compact storageThe high density manual assisted compact storage included cabinets, drawers, shelving, and trays. With these added features, the museum could better accommodate the storing of flat artwork like quilts and smaller-sized objects such as yo-yos. And because these systems condense by turning a handle in the form of a spoke, access is restricted to one aisle at a time. This ensures objects and artifacts kept in high density manual assisted compact storage are not handled in excess, as well as safely and securely protected from harm. Watch high density manual assisted compact storage work.

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