Storing Scores & Sheet Music

music library collection storage compact shelvesLibrarians at an art school’s specialized library for storing music collections wanted to provide students and other patrons with the most convenient access to sheet music for practice and performance, but they were running out of space. After some space planning, it was decided that high density art storage shelves for choral, band, and orchestral sheet music storage would save the library the most amount of space while providing the most convenient access for students. Click here to learn more about how high density shelving works. (see more library solutions)

Compact Music Library Storage

The library’s sheet music is the most heavily accessed collection for several reasons: it generally isn’t available online and is often too detailed to be legible on a computer screen. Though paper is being used less and less in some applications, it’s not going away anytime soon for sheet music with millions of volumes that are not acceptable digitally. In addition, the library also needed to store legacy media collections and gifted items. Before installing the high density art storage shelves, the collections had outgrown the building and had overflown into staff offices, workrooms, and other areas.

choral band orchestral shelves racks school of artAs the library was planning a new building, a high density system was designed that would store the collection in a compact space while still allowing quick and convenient access. Scored are stored in oversize hanging folders on specially designed shelving, while the compact high density shelves house CDs, LPs, and miniature scores. The mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomic handle that allows any staff member to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort. 20,000 LPs are stored on one of the 33-foot-long units, and are easily accessed.

Cantilever shelves were also installed throughout the building to store books and other items. Since this solution was available on an NJPA contract, the purchasing process was simple and assured the music library of the best quality and price.

In a similar solution, an art museum utilized compact shelving house their artwork and book collections in less space. Click here to learn more about the compact shelving solution.

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