Benefits to using smart school locker security

smart school locker securityKeyless locking systems with digital and software automated code entry access are ideal for educational environments looking to provide students with optimal smart school locker security. They effectively support efforts put forth by educators at any level to create an environment, where learning can not only grow, but flourish. This is because everything students need to be increasing productive remains securely stored under the protection of smart school locker security with digital and software automated code entry access. Its use also means improved health and safety for users, who avoid having to carry stacks of books through corridors on their way to class.There is also none of the administrative responsibilities that come along with key-operated locking systems, making it much more cost effective than when having to rely on the expertise of a locksmith to keep it operational. Read more articles on keyless locking options for optimal smart school locker security.

Features for smart school locker security with digital operation

Keyless locking systems offering smart school locker security through the use of a key pad require just a digital code to operate. It is considered to be top of line, beating others hands down in operation and administration for long-lasting use. These few factors provide added proof:

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  • Designed for the most rugged environments
  • It is vandal proof
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • There is also no need for keys, power cables or transponders

In addition, there is this subsequent list of features to consider as well. It proves how invaluable of a system it really is.

  • Aesthetically designed to enhance furniture
  • No cables or links to school IT system, connection to wifi or bluetooth
  • No need for an electrician or a computer programmer
  • Not susceptible to power outages
  • Option of etched logo and numbering
  • Over 10 billion code variations with banking standard security
  • Simple master and reset function
  • Six optional pre-installed modes of operation for single and multiple users
  • Straightforward battery change and manual lock programming
  • Twenty-year battery life, with a maximum of 1,000 closings per month

Smart school locker security with software automated code entry access

with digital and software automated code entry accessThe use of software provides a more hands-off approach to managing smart school locker security. It is conducive to work in conjunction with a variety of keyless locking systems. This includes those with a keyboard and electronic operation, just to name a few. The locks, themselves, serve as the hardware, while the software heightens security by assigning new codes on a regular basis. Here’s how it works:

Generating a code is easy. Once installed on your computer, the software uses a cloud server to access a programmable code engine for generating single and multiple user codes. Determining the length of the code is left up to you but, for security purposes, it must be at least four numbers. The engine then uses a random mode to generate the code, which is automatically issued and uses a 256-bit encryption.

Managing a code is done with the use of the web interface via the server. It is where the database for your keyless locking system is stored, maintained and serviced. It is can also be used to determine how best to notify users of lock codes. This includes by text message or email, just to name a few. The number of locks needing to be managed, as well as the locking system size does not matter. Different user information can be stored, as well.

Requesting a code can be handled one of two ways. A request can be made by either the administrator or lock user. It can also be automatically generated with the push of a button, however. This is especially handy for applications that experience a lot of turnover, as it saves time.

Transmitting a code to the user is done several ways. This includes sending the code to the user by electronic message via e-mail or text. You can also use a customized software solution, where codes are printed out.

Lost codes aren’t a problem, whatsoever. In those cases, the current code can be made to appear with the press of a button. A new code can just as easily be generated and transmitted to the user, however, if security is an issue.

Generate revenue using smart school locker security software

The use of the software also provides schools with an opportunity to generate revenue. This is because it includes integrated billing and locker assignment. With it, schools are given the option of charging users for locker rental. Plus, it can all be done without bothering the administration. Here’s how:

  • Parent website log in to pay for locker and receive locker number and code
  • Automated payment by credit card, direct debit or paypal
  • Administers multiple users for short term locker use
  • Facilitates income from sports facility users, automatically generating lock codes and billing
  • Income derived from use goes back to the school

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