Smart locker university campus card system ensures efficient storage management

smart locker university campus card systemExperts can provide secure storage that uses a smart locker university campus card system and student ID computer software network to regulate access. It’s what some did during a renovation to an underground tunnel. The redesigned space provides users with sheltered building access and includes a large storage installation. It features new flooring, better lighting, and colorful signage too. Therefore, everyone can see to avoid injury and feeling unsafe while trying to locate cabinets on reserve. Continue reading to learn more.

During the remodeling process, school officials wasted no time telling experts what they would like the ideal solution to do. A few of these include:

  • Have an electronic locking design.
  • Be easy to manage.
  • Eliminate costs that relate to resetting combination locks.
  • Be a decentralized, integrated solution that allows students to rent personal lockers through a convenient, secure virtual portal.
  • Meet the budget.
  • Simple to install during the summer break.

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student id computer software networkStudents seeking sheltered building access through the tunnel have more than 1,200 sturdy metal, larger storage lockers to use. All allow users to consolidate their stuff into one easy-to-use, secure solution. Systems even have the power to keep electronics such as laptops and tablets charged and ready to access whenever students need them. You can also configure the intelligent units to provide detailed locker usage reports, occupancy monitoring, and more. 

Experts did seamless integration to an existing smart locker university campus card system to enable convenient student use. It also helps cut costs and ensure more efficient storage management. Every personalized badge contains an embedded chip. It communicates through contactless technology to the student ID computer software network, which regulates access. Therefore, you no longer have to manage keys and can ensure efficient operation.

Student ID computer software network facilitates selective storage access

While accessing a virtual portal, students can view and rent the available personal storage lockers. Once on hold, the locker number and unique identification number of the user badge get linked and stored in a localized database. It ensures selective access since only the badge with the assigned locker number opens units. Furthermore, the student ID computer software network can alert maintenance and security staff about burglary attempts through a customizable alarm. Therefore, students have more peace of mind about the safety of their belongings.

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