A Secure Storage Solution for Every Market: Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinetscomputerized keyless storage cabinets for hoteling

Secure storage is paramount for all types of businesses and organizations. Healthcare facilities need to ensure that dangerous narcotics and expensive medical devices remain locked up tight. Businesses are adapting to flexible work schedules where employees are not in the office every day, and need a secure place to store their valuables when they are in the office. Schools and universities are relying on lockers and cabinets to deposit materials for students to pick up at their leisure. While all of these markets may be different, there is one solution for all – Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets. These specialized cabinets are equipped with computerized locks that are easy to use, completely secure, and smart enough to provide detailed usage reports. And they are available with recharging capabilities for stored electronics.

Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets Design Options for Any Application

storage cabinets with optional recharging capabilitiesComputerized Keyless Storage Cabinets can be designed to meet any application requirements. Law offices and country clubs can use wood lockers for an expensive and stylish appearance; schools can use powder-coated steel for extra durability; hospitals can use stainless steel to help keep their environment clean. We can even mix and match the sizes of the cabinets within each bank. And the optional recharging stations are built-in the cabinets so whoever is using them can easily plug-in their various electronics. This is great for businesses and schools where people are constantly on the go. Whatever your design need, we have Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets that will work with your requirements.

Lock Options for the Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets

There are two main types of lock options for the Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets: touch pad and RFID. For the touch pad users choose a 4-digit code to operate the lock. And for the RFID lock users, doors can open or close by simply pressing a proximity media card or bracelet against the door knob. Both types of locks are battery operated and can be installed on any Computerized Keyless Storage Cabinets.computerized keyless storage cabinets for healthcare, business and schools

The added benefit for extra security with the touch pad lock is the usage reports. The lock has a microchip memory that can create reports detailing who accessed the cabinet, when the cabinet was accessed, and if anyone tried to open the cabinet without proper access. In addition, the lock can be controlled to open and close on a set time schedule.

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