saving space & reducing floor load

compact mobile storage solves floor load & space concerns for consulting companyA consulting company was consolidating their operations and preparing to move into a new building with the primary goal of creating both an attractive and functional workspace while meeting corporate square footage guidelines. By installing high density mobile storage, the consulting company was able to solve both their floor load and space concerns with this simple solution. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

how the mobile systems saved space

Part of the challenge was that when the consulting company added a new client, they could acquire large volumes of records at one time. The nature of their business required the company to retain extensive records on clients and employees. Mobile storage systems allowed the company to keep records on-site and fit into the company’s new space while also meeting their other goals, including the goal of keeping a reasonable number of square feet per person.

The new space was designed with file rooms centrally located on each floor. Eight mechanical-assist mobile storage systems were used to store a large amount of records in a compact space. In each of the file rooms there are two mobile storage systems outfitted with steel shelving. These compact systems allow the company to minimize the size of the file rooms and meet its space requirements while allowing plenty of space for its employees to walk and work. The central location of the files also allows the company to find and retrieve files quickly as well as keep an open floor plan and a more comfortable workspace, which has created a more positive work environment. The files are also able to be kept in locked file rooms, due to the sensitive nature of client information.high density mobile storage stores files centrally in less space

structural floor load concerns

Due to the age of the building, there were also some structural concerns for designing and placing the compact mobile storage systems. The creative solution was a custom half-height end panel configuration that solved their floor loading concerns. The lower portion of each end panel is made of standard high-pressure laminated end panels, while the upper portion is outfitted in a steel sheath that finishes the upper shelving section and reduces the overall weight of the system. By removing this small amount of weight from each carriage on each mobile storage system, the company was able to meet their engineering requirements and avoided investing in costly structural modifications to the building.

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