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Mobile Industrial Shelving Racks

Rolling Shelves Solve Tool and Equipment Storage Problems

Maximizing storage space with rolling shelves and Mobile Tool Display Racks helped a local Air Force Base decrease retrieval times, improve customer service, and enhance the security of tools and equipment. The base was confronted with two major storage dilemmas: a need for increased storage capacity and a need for security of tools and equipment. What they received was a storage system that increased storage capacity, secured tools and equipment, reduced their storage space requirements, improved customer service, and enhanced the productivity of issue counter personnel.

Mobile Industrial Shelving Racks Floorplan

Maximizing Storage Space With Rolling Shelves

After a comprehensive study of the storage area’s activity, space efficiency, security, and cost, three tool storage systems were selected for maximizing storage space with rolling shelves in lieu of conventional static storage shelving. The first two storage systems consisted of rolling shelves designed for storing tools and equipment. The third storage system is a Mobile Tool Display Rack specifically designed to improve security, customer service, and the process of issuing tools.

A. Mobile Tool Racks displaying samples of tools available for issue
B. Rolling shelves storing bulk tools
C. Rolling shelves storing smaller active tools

Maximizing storage space with rolling shelves was an easy decision since they reduced the storage floor space by almost half the space compared to conventional storage shelving. The rolling shelves are easy to operate, making fully loaded shelves easy to move even for a small person. In addition, both rolling shelves storage systems are designed so they can be locked for extra security.

Mobile Art Shelving Racks to Display Stored Tools

Specially Designed Mobile Tool Display Racks Improve Customer Service and Retrieval Times

The specially designed Mobile Tool Display Racks exhibits tools and equipment that are stored in the to rolling shelves located in the secured storage area behind the issue counter. Customers find the tools they need located on the Mobile Tool Display Rack and then request the tools from personnel at the issue counter. Customers like the display system because they can see the actual tools they need, and counter personnel issuing tools like the system because it saves time trying to figure out which tool the customer needs.

Design, Installation, and Service for Mobile Industrial Shelving Racks

Southwest Solutions Group® designs, installs, and services Mobile Tool Display Racks and rolling shelves to maximize storage space for all types military and private industries. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with one of our storage professionals in your area.


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