Easy-to-access small home appliance retail display shelves

adjustable gondola storage racksAs small home appliance retail display shelves, these adjustable gondola storage racks allow flexible merchant aisle or end-cap space use. Able to adapt the shelving, users can create enough space to fit common kitchen wares. This includes coffeemakers, toasters, slow cookers, that need in-store exposure to sell. It ensures costumers looking to buy these items have organized and ready access while browsing. Patrons avoid spending time hunting down an employee to help them find what they need, allowing a more pleasant shopping experience to occur.

Adjustable gondola storage racks

To save floor space, have experts stand adjustable gondola storage with a single-sided design against a wall. Browsers still have convenient access to sale items on display and facilities get to put vertical space to more efficient use. It reduces the risk that patrons bump into and damage items too, lowering profit loss potential.

All models have backplates made from sturdy 1/4″ masonite pegboard that allows you to configure shelves as needed. The flexible components allow installation parallel to the floor or at an angle that ensures browsers have ergonomic access. No nuts or bolts required during assembly, simplifying and speeding the process.

small home appliance retail display shelvesTo begin, everyone must purchase starter units but can include add-on units if needing to expand due to product line growth. It ensures increased footprint efficiency while giving retailers the capacity to consolidate everything in one area. For improved material organization and space use, ask experts about accessory options. A few to choose from include:

  • Sanitary wire baskets and dividers which allow secure hooking into sturdy uprights that can support 500 lbs. in weight capacity.
  • Systems have an almond powder-coat finish with black base plate and end trim that provides clean and pleasing aesthetics.
  • Units ship unassembled and have a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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