Taller government military weapons rack offers added flexibility

government military weapons rackThe government military weapons rack has received a slight improvement to its height. Cabinets for securing combat mission arms, ammo & explosives now stand near 84″ high. The exact measurement for the new and improved storage is 83.75 inches. The design modification means a taller unit that adds flexibility without risking security. Each includes an intermediate shelf that provides two-tier storage to accommodate varying assault rifles, including M4s, M16s, M16s, and MK17s. 

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Government military weapons rack provides space & security

This government military weapons rack also doesn’t skimp on security. It has features identical to that of its original. So, users can expect to receive the same level of protection. Among those standard features included are:

  • Bi-fold, retractable doors prevent blocking aisles or neighboring racks. These same system components maximize efficiency of the issuance of weapons and gear.securing combat mission arms ammo explosives
  • Perforated doors, sides, and cabinet back help make weapons inventory checks more efficient
  • Locking bars exceed military requisites for arms security of weapons, ammo, and explosives
  • Full welded cabinet provides long-lasting durable design
  • Any cabinet option meets both OPNAVINST 5530.13C and AR 190-11 security requirements

All unit accessories are either powder-coated, vinyl-dipped, rubber, thermoplastic-coated or made from thermoplastic. Treating storage components this way ensures weapons remain safe from damage. Click here to see more weapons rack storage cabinet solutions.

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