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Mobile Storage Shelving Creates Efficient File Storage for Oil and Gas Company

A Houston Oil and Gas Company was relocating to a new office space, and they wanted a more efficient file storage area for their engineers. The company contacted us to help design an economical and cost-effective solution to make the new file storage area more productive. Previously, the company stored their files in five drawer filing cabinets in a room that was over 650 square feet. We helped them design a Mobile Storage Shelving that met all of the company’s requirements for efficient file storage. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Mobile Storage Shelving Saves 190 Square Feet of Floor Space and Increases Productivity

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Because of the Mobile Storage Shelving, the Oil and Gas Company was able to scale down the size of their file storage from 650 square feet to 460 square feet. That is a savings of 190 square feet! Also, the company was able to store the equivalent of 65 of their five drawer filing cabinets into the one Mobile Storage Shelving System and still have room for more files.

Due to the space savings from the Mobile Storage Shelving, the company was able to maximize the use of the smaller room even further and add a desk for a new employee to help manage the files. The new file room manager is able to quickly retrieve files for the engineers to have them ready and waiting.

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Efficient File Storage Saves the Oil and Gas Company Money

The Oil and Gas Company was able to save money because the Mobile Storage Shelving allowed them to lease less space. They also saved even more money because they don’t have to pay for operating costs like heating, cooling, lighting, and insuring that extra space. In addition, Mobile Storage Shelving structural rails were installed to avoid having to reinforce the floors.

Designing and Installing Mobile Storage Shelving

Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing Mobile Storage Shelving for efficient file storage since 1969. Our experienced representatives are knowledgeable in all types of filing methods, as well as code compliance, floor load implications, and layout designs to bring you the best value and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and let us help you plan your Mobile Storage Shelving.


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