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Mobile Pallet Racks Maximize Your Warehouse Storage Space

Mobile Pallet Rack Storage

Did you know that you are wasting as much as 64% of your warehouse storage floor space with static racks? Mobilizing your pallet racks frees up floor space you can now use for new office spaces, staging areas, or extra storage. To create a Mobile Pallet Rack storage system, rows of pallet racks (up to 96’ long) are mounted onto heavy-duty rolling carriages and placed on floor tracks. The pallet racks move sideways along the floor tracks to make an access aisle to store items. (Watch Funny Mobile Pallet Rack Video)

The Mobile Pallet Rack system reduces the number of access aisles, which maximizes your warehouse storage space. Also, because the mobile pallet racks store and organize your inventory in a smaller area, they create operational efficiencies and increased productivity. Click to view mobile pallet rack videos.

Mobile Pallet Racks are Equipped with Lasers to Safeguard Employees and Goods

Pallet Racks Locking Doors

The Mobile Pallet Rack system is equipped with infrared safety lasers that run along the face of the shelving rows from end to end and side to side across the access aisles. The infrared lasers will discern if a person or object is in an open access aisle. Once a person or object has been detected, the touchpad displays that the aisle is in use and prevents the Mobile Pallet Rack system from moving until the person or object is out of the aisle. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

Mobile Pallet Rack AisleMobile Pallet Racks – Touchpad Security System for Controlled Access

A unique feature of the Mobile Pallet Rack storage system is the controlled access touchpad entry system. Each person is set up with an individual pin, which controls what area(s) of the storage system they can access. The touchpad allows the warehouse storage manager to control which areas everyone has access to and which areas are for designated personnel only. The touchpad system also keeps track of when and where the individual was in the storage area. When you’re done, the Mobile Pallet Racks roll together and lock to secure your storage area. You can also add rolling security doors to add extra protection to your stored items.

Mobile Pallet Rack Design and Installation Services

Southwest Solutions Group has been designing and installing Mobile Pallet Rack storage systems since 1969. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email for a free 30 minute assessment of your warehouse storage area to see if a Mobile Pallet Rack system is the right choice for your facility.

Mobile Pallet Rack Brochure

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