Financial Group Consolidates Using Mobile Storage

A large financial group needed to consolidate 7 different offices into 1 new building. Consolidating each offices records was a problem, until the company found out about mobile storage systems. Because of the mobile storage systems, the company was able to make their move and store all of their files. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

mobile storage systems used for consolidating bank files

Problems the Company Faced Designing the New Headquarters

The company came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t practical to have offices all over the state for each of its interests – banking, insurance, and asset management. In total, the company was operating out of 7 different locations. Building a new headquarters provided a location to centralize all of the group’s operations.

But the consolidation of records proved to be a problem for the company. There was a lack of storage space, and the company was concerned about security and accessibility. In order to make the new headquarters work, the company chose to invest in mobile storage systems and specially designed workstations from Spacesaver®.

Mobile Storage Systems Increase Storage Capacity in Secure File Room

The mobile storage systems and workstations were added the file storage room that serves many different departments including financial serves and human resources – two areas that require very secure storage. The records are secure because the file storage room is locked to prevent unauthorized access and is fire-safe.

financial group's mobile storage system and workstationsTraditional file cabinets and open shelving require an access aisle between each row; on the other hand, mobile storage systems compact together and files are accessed with one or two movable aisle to allow for double the storage capacity. And without the mobile storage system to increase storage capacity, the company’s records would not have fit in the room, leaving them unsecure.

Work Stations Facilitate Accessibility and Add Extra Storage

Additionally, the mobile storage system accommodates all of the different sized files, including credit, insurance, trust and asset files — both legal and letter. Because files are consolidated and organized in less space, they are easily accessible to staff.

The work stations added to the design also help with accessibility. Counter-height work surfaces allow for easy viewing of files and materials. And the workstations offer convenient storage for filing supplies, reference binders, and computer equipment used for researching and verifying customer file information.

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