High density compact mobile storage fits any footprint maximizing capacity

high density compact mobile storageEven with a sloped ceiling, roof, and pipes causing obstructions to shelf space, high density compact mobile storage can fit any footprint to maximize capacity. No one knows this better than a college arts library going through a major renovation. It needed the space-saving solution and more to accommodate existing collection needs.

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Unlike typical installations, this one included an angled wall. Experts would need to measure it to ensure the track-sliding shelving fit. It can prevent design errors, helping streamline assembly and use. Consultants would need to use a few existing four-post parts too, helping reduce material construction costs.

sloped ceiling roof pipes obstructions shelfThe rail mounted carriages range in size to ensure optimal footprint use and eliminate structural damage concerns due to overhead conditions. Users can feel safe while turning the handle to create space-efficient aisle access in an instant. The same controls allow staff to eliminate static aisles that waste space during nonuse. It gives personnel the efficient capacity to protect items and access collections in flat-file cabinets.

The space-saving high density compact mobile storage shelves have exterior label plates that help direct users to the right aisles. Everyone avoids wasting time opening incorrect carriages when needing access to collections secured inside. It improves organization too, helping eliminate misfiling and retrieval errors. 

Watch a video that highlights how high density compact mobile storage saves space. 

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