Consulting Firm Wants to Implement New Hoteling Work Strategyconsulting firm high density storage system for hoteling employees

A large management consulting firm merged three of its offices together into one location. The move enabled the firm to implement a new hoteling workplace strategy aimed at improving productivity, innovation, and teamwork. The hoteling concept incorporates unassigned workstations, occupied only through a reservation process. And this strategy dictated the design direction of the new 126,000 sq. ft. location. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

High Density System Stores Files to Make the Building Design Work for Hoteling

A universal floor plan was developed for each of the five floors of the building. The open floor plan layout included workstations for hoteling employees, collaborative spaces, assigned walled offices, and support areas. Each of the support areas included a high density storage system.

The high density systems were specially configured to accommodate the storage needs of the hoteling employees. Each shelving section has an open shelf, a second shelf with a key-locked receding door, and four lateral file drawers.

The hoteling consultants are each assigned a shelving section to store their client files, computer accessories, reference materials, and whatever else they need to do their jobs when working in the office.

Locker System with Computerized Keyless Locks Stores Personal Items

high density storage system for files, reference material and computer accessoriesFor their personal belongings, a separate locker system was used. The lockers have specialized computerized keyless locks that allow them to be assigned daily. Additionally, the locks provide an audit trail for management to track the usage and who had access.

How the Firm’s Hoteling Process Works with the High Density System & Lockers

The consulting form’s hoteling process is very simple. When a consultant is planning to come into the office, they call ahead to make a reservation at an available workstation. When they arrive, they check in at the reception area and place their personal belongings (coats, purses, etc) in the lockers. Then, they retrieve their supplies and files from their assigned area within the high density storage system and settle in for the day.

If the more than 500 professional staff utilizing the high density storage system were each given a workstation and filing cabinet, the cumulative space requirements would have far exceeded the amount of space in the building. But because the firm chose the high density storage system, files were condensed in a centralized area and this enabled the firm to use the hoteling workplace strategy.

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