Day Use Lockers For Science Labs

keyless day use lockers pin lockIn science and research, centric facilities, Day Use Lockers become an essential item in designing storage for labs and their staff. Our Day Use Lockers help students and faculty store items away from fragile equipment and keep personal things secure. When design teams typically plan the facility, much thought goes into the labs, classroom lay-outs, and delicate equipment storage. Unfortunately, storage for personal belongings tends to be an oversight. 

The Benefits of Day Use Lockers

Science labs all over the United States contain hazardous chemicals, bio-hazard materials, and fragile equipment. Such materials need to be protected from damage and contamination. Day Use Lockers for Science Labs can provide convenience and protection.

  • Maintaining Safety in the Lab Environment: To ensure lab safety, our design team has spent a lot of time understanding the challenge of storing personal belongings. Our installation team provides a secure locker solution that meets the needs of our clients and their facility.
  • Creative Designs and Configurations: Our locker applications can be mounted on the wall or utilized as a room divider, promoting social distancing. day lockers stuent science lab university keyless lockers
  • Various Lock Options: Our clients can choose a lock option that suits their needs. We even offer touchless lock solutions. 

Many Applications for our Day Use Lockers

Our Day Use Locker applications not only benefit Science Labs, but our locker solutions provide benefits in multiple environments. Such as:

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