Operating room tool transport storage promotes safety

rolling washing tunnel resistant cartsRolling washing tunnel resistant carts provide a hygienic mobile transport storage solution with a space-saving design that supports using the smaller unit as operating room tool transport storage which can accommodate sterile and contaminated instrument sets in a safe capacity. Each feature stainless steel construction that promotes cleanliness favored in hospital environments and manufactured based on the DIN standard dimensions of 12 x 24 inch, with the idea of using two DIN positions one after the other. With 2-inch extra depth at the back, the systems can also carry sets that are somewhat longer and each include features colored in bright yellow that promotes safety while allowing easy recognition.

Rolling washing tunnel resistant carts optimize space

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Available in high and low sized storage configurations, these rolling washing tunnel resistant carts prevent any residual moisture after drying and include either six or nine moveable ‘click’ glides that come in pairs which users can position using anywhere from 11 and 18 pre-drilled spaces to create optimal loading and space-saving conditions. The gap between the holes that accommodate the ‘click’ glides measures 2 43/64 inch and using DIN specific wire shelves or baskets to transport the instruments will provide users with double the capacity per level. Doors used with either option swivel open to a 270-degree ergonomic position that ensures comfort while clicking onto the side walls with magnets whenever open to allow easy access.

Operating room tool transport storage features

operating room tool transport storageAs operating room tool transport storage, the cart accepts sealing at the front with a breakable seal which ensures sterility from the sterilization unit to the surgery suite while also avoiding contamination when transporting back. Users should place packed instrument baskets on silicone anti-slip mats to prohibit movement during external transport and lower noise levels.

A document holder sits on the side (letter) as standard to ensure the systems and their contents are identifiable from the outside. Units also feature four double swivel castors that measure 5 inches in diameter, with the front right wheel accommodating a brake and the rear left wheel including a directional lock to ensure safe movement. The systems even have an equal number of bumpers to prevent damage to doors and walls and accommodate either one or two handle bars that exist in a horizontal or vertical position to ensure smooth maneuverability. 

Watch a video on stainless steel closed case carts that provide operating room tool transport.

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